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Happy Unniversary

by Robbie Romu on July 26, 2012

(an-ni-ver-sa-ry) noun
the date on which an event took place in a previous year: today is my fourth wedding anniversary.

(un-ni-ver-sa-ry) noun
the date on which an event that should have taken place did not: North Carolinians will celebrate the unniversary of their gay marriage ban on May 9th 2013.

Important recent unniversaries include January 21st 2009, when George Bush was sworn in as the 43rd POTUS.  You know, after he and his Cronies stole the election from Al Gore.  December 13th 2011 when the Canadian government pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol, effectively reneging on the single most important piece of climate control regulation ever passed.  October 3rd 1995 when OJ Simpson was found “not guilty” of murdering Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.  You remember; the day the entire world went “Fuuuuuuuuck!”

Unniversaries are just as important as anniversaries.  They serve to remind us that we must remain ever vigilant in the fight for justness and equality.  If we remember, if we mark the days of grave injustice perhaps it will help us to “do better next time.”

I feel blessed to be celebrating the 4th anniversary of my marriage.  But it is with some sadness that I do so because there are so many gay and lesbian people around the world who are still being denied their basic human rights.

The good news is that things are changing fast.  France, Scotland and New Zealand have all announced plans to legalize same sex marriage in the past month alone.  Even in America, the land of the brave and the home of the not-so-free, public opinions are evolving rapidly.  The right wing Christian bigots and Republican NeoCon assholes are slowly losing their grip on this issue.  We, as proud Canadians are definitely on the right side of history.

We cannot rest on our laurels.  Yes, we are Nation of compassionate people, who   believe in personal freedoms, but we are continually “this close” to losing them.  We have a Prime Minister who believes in “the traditional definition of a marriage as a union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others…”

The exclusion of all others…  If that doesn’t make you nervous, it should.

Speaking about gay marriage Stephen Harper has said, “we have no intention of opening or reopening this issue.”

I would like to believe him…


Mr. Harper campaigned for an elected senate and promised, “all appointments will be made on merit-based requirements.”  He then promptly appointed Michael Fortier as a Senator and minister of Public Works.  Mr. Fortier was his campaign co-chair.

The conservative government “approved a secret ledger for the F-35 fighter jets that was $10 billion more than the public price tag.”

Fixed election dates.  Contempt of parliament.  Corporate income taxes.  Child care benefits.

It goes on and on and on.

It’s hard to tell when Stephen Harper is telling the truth.

I sincerely hope that my wedding anniversary does not become a wedding unniversary.  I sincerely hope that the people of Canada would stand up and say “not on our watch!”

Mr. Harper, I know you read my blog….  I have no job (I’m a writer!) so I have plenty of free time.  I will pack an overnight bag and camp on your doorstep for the rest of my life if you try to take my marriage away.  I will be there every day to remind you that, in this country, we believe in equal rights that encompass the inclusion of all others.

Oh, by the way, happy anniversary Monkey!

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