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by Robbie Romu on July 7, 2012

(zom-bie) noun
a corpse said to be revived by witchcraft, esp. in certain African or Carribbean  nations: watch out for that fucking zombie!
– informal a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings.

This was my husband’s response when asked if he would kill me if I was bitten by a zombie:  “Without hesitation!”

He is obsessed with zombies.  By proxy, so am I.   We have a very detailed plan for when the zombie apocalypse happens and he has made me promise that I would kill him too.

I don’t think I would…

I’m sure the amount of movies and TV he watches directly feeds into the paranoia.  We own a lot of zombie flicks and watch The Walking Dead religiously.  I watch for the thrills; he calls it preparation.

Here is a list of my favorite zombie movies:

1.  28 Days Later
2.  The Horde
3.  [REC]
4.  Night Of The Living Dead
5.  Deadgirl
6.  The Crazies
7.  Resident Evil
8.  The Serpent And The Rainbow
9.  Slither
10. Resident Evil: Extinction

The romantic part of me likes to believe that he wouldn’t really go thru with it.  When push came to shove he would not bury an axe in my head.  He seems pretty serious when we talk about it.  I fish for hesitation and find none.  He says, in the long run, it’s the compassionate thing to do, that I wouldn’t want to go thru the process of turning into Homo Coprophagus Somnambulus – a flesh-eating, mindless monster.

I guess it’s nice, that even in the madness, he still has my best interest at heart.

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Anonymous July 7, 2012 at 10:14 pm

This is really beautiful. But how would he treat you before the fatal blow and after the zombie bite ? Cradle you in his arms I'd wager x


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