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Rosalind Early April 20, 2018 at 9:03 am

Hi Robbie, I read your article on Yahoo! News (No, I’m not proud that I read Yahoo!) about losing 70 lbs. and still being unhappy. I just wanted to say I totally hear you! A few years ago, I lost 30 pounds (which got me to a low, but healthy BMI) all for the external reason of I wanted to find love and happiness. I found neither. It’s amazing how life can be so isolating. Anyway, I just wanted to say I appreciated you sharing your story. Even though I’ve never had an eating disorder (aside from yo-yo dieting) I really get a lot of what you experienced and are feeling. Write a follow-up article if you ever get some more insights!


Ben McCormick April 20, 2018 at 10:05 am

Hey Robbie,

I see that you haven’t posted to this blog in around four years so I hope you get this. Regardless, it feels good to say out loud. I just read the Huffington Post article of yours, “I Thought Losing 70 Pounds Would Bring Me Joy. I Was Wrong,” through a link on my Yahoo! homepage and I want to thank you for sharing. I am gay as well and in the midst of a very similar journey. I have been exercising and watching what and how much I eat and have lost fifty pounds since Fall of last year; I still have one-hundred pounds to go. I, too, have been heavy to downright obese throughout most of my life. During this journey, I’ve never really thought about the aspect of taking care of my inner-self, not just my physical body. Your article has switched on a lightbulb in my head and I see there is something else that needs to be done while I continue to lose the pounds. Thank you for that!

I hope your happiness continues, physically and spiritually (however you define that), and that you are doing well.

Feeling better today,
Ben McCormick


Barry Robinson April 20, 2018 at 10:44 am

Hey Robbie,

I’ve just read your Huff Post story about losing all that weight and wanted to reach out.
I’ve set Monday the 23rd as the date I make a dedicated effort to shed all these extra lbs. I have been prepping all week, so when I saw your story on Yahoo decided to have a look. I am 5″10 and 265 so I don’t carry it all that well, and I want to be around to see my kids graduate college, so I thought I should get serious about my weight.
Here is the weird part, I too spent 5 months of last year thinking that I was turning 49 while I was in fact turning 48. Someone asked me last year when the big 50 was coming up and I answered, “Next Year”, and it only then that my wife let me know that i would be 48 not 49. You used that “found” year as motivation, while I just chalked it up to one of those things and moved on. But I’m out to use your article as motivation this year. The googling of your birthday was the really weird part, as it turns out that we were both born on July 10th 1969.

I wish you well in your ongoing pursuit of peace and happiness. Any advise you can give to one who is embarking on a journey to regain an equilibrium with his physical self would be much appreciated.




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